Ford Motor Company

Owner Name/Industry/ Website address:

William Ford: Chairman, Henry Ford: founder

Description of Business:
Ford is currently the world's second largest manufacturer of cars, trucks, and automotive components, having dealerships in six continents. Ford Motor began a manufacturing revolution with mass production assembly lines in the early 20th century. Ford North America primarily includes the sale of Ford, Lincoln, and Mercury brand vehicles and related service parts in North America. Ford Motor Company engages in the production and sale of cars and trucks worldwide. The company's cars, trucks, and parts are marketed through retail dealers all around the world.
History of Business/ Year BusinessStarted:
The Ford Company was founded over 100 years old. It was founded by a man named Henry Ford along with the Dodge Brothers in 1903. The Ford motor company started on building cars in 1896. Its’ first actual production was in 1903, the model A with an under the floor engine selling for $850. In its first season of production, they sold 1,700 cars. This business was based in Dearborn, Michigan.

Types of Products Offered for Sale/Brand Names-Chart:

Land Rover
Aston Martin

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Channels of Distribution
The company uses this strategy because selling cars at wal-mart or another well known store would not be profit because people don't carry $30,000 on them when they go shopping and a Dodge dealership is not going to let Ford sell new cars at their dealership.

Ford Motor Company uses exclusive distribution. The reason why Ford uses exclusive is because they only see their cars at Ford dealerships or online.
The channel adds value to the vehicle because if you have to pay more for transportation it will make everything else go up. The online ordering for vehicles allows customers to order online and allows them to get their car shipped right to them straight from the manufacterer. Penske Logistics handles all the logistics for Ford.

Forms of Transportation

The forms of transportation Ford uses are mostly trucks and railroads inside the U.S. They use trucks to ship the vehicles they are selling to dealerships and railroads to deliver the car parts. Using trucks makes it safer for the vehicles to get them from wholesaler to the dealerships and less expensive. Using railroads get the car parts to the manufacturers and retailers faster.

Main Points/Review Questions
1. Who founded Ford Motor Company?
2. Who is the current chairman of Ford Motor Company?
3. How many different continents does Ford have dealerships in?
4. What type of distribution intenstity does Ford use?
5. What two forms of transportation does Ford use?
6. What are the benifets for using trucks?
7. What business handles logistics for Ford?
8. Who are the manufacturers for Ford?
9. How does Ford get their cars from the manufacturer straight to the consumer?
10. What are 3 examples of Ford brand names?